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Music, Music Video and Digital Signage for TVs

Engage, inform, entertain and sell more to your customers

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Music, Music Video and Digital Signage for TVs

Engage, inform, entertain and sell more to your customers

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Music, Music Video and Digital Signage for TVs

Engage, inform, entertain and sell more to your customers

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Music, Music Video and Digital Signage for TVs

Engage, inform, entertain and sell more to your customers

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Music, Music Video and Digital Signage for TVs

Engage, inform, entertain and sell more to your customers

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An Experience Guests Vibe With

The Skills That Matter

Some of the brands we’ve worked with over the years.  Our team is experienced and capable of providing a reliable solution to our customers, big or small.


Interactivity Focused

We strive to make our service very interactive.  From ease-of-use for bartenders and managers, to customers being able to easily find their favorite music to hear.

We put the music in your hands!

App on phones

Jukebox Request App

Your customers in the bar use our FREE JukeVision request app to browse the music on the jukebox, request music videos to watch on bar TVs, and vote on other requests.

Our jukebox request app is also optional and may not be included in the model/plan you choose.

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High-Definition Music Videos

With our 100% legal and licensed music video library for commercial use, you can utilize all of your bar TVs when no sports games are on, and continue to entertain your guests.  JukeVision plays audio only or a mix of music videos on one or more of your bar TVs.  It’s proven that music videos engage customers and entertain them and gets them to come back to your venue again and again.

Simple Signage

Our “Best In Industry” Simple Signage feature allows you to upload images or videos to display on your bar TVs.  Quickly create a bar TV layout with the easy-to-use template editor to grab your customers attention.  Upload a quick commercial to play during specific times of the day to let people know of upcoming events and display your food specials when an audio only song plays.

Best of all, it can all be done from your phone, tablet or laptop anywhere and publish your changes out immediately to your player.

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Please Don't Kill Their Vibe

Disruptive advertisements affect the ambiance of a public space where people are having a good time.  Advertisements are typically designed to interrupt to grab the viewers attention, and while the cost savings may be attractive to you, this advertising model does not maintain an experience that your guests will enjoy.  While irrelevant advertisements on your personal Spotify in your office cubicle may be fine, they should not play in your business.

Continuous music is vital for keeping your guests happy and staying longer.  So please, don’t kill their vibe.


Easily DJ From Your Phone

Our venue manager feature works directly in our app on your phone or tablet.  Bartenders and other staff can get extra features that will allow them to maintain control over the music that is playing within your venue.  Venue managers can skip, pause and change the volume quickly.

Plus they have a separate song queue to maintain the songs that are coming up.  Easily move customer requests to the song queue, and now you’re the DJ, right from your phone! 

Alternatively, you can go into the playlists section and quickly activate a different playlist to keep the vibe going.

This is just another example of the immense interactivity that we provide with our music services.

Man with phone
Guests having fun

Crowd Sourced DJing

Your guests know what music they want to hear.  With the request queue, they can up and down vote songs that are waiting to be played.  If someone picks a song that just doesn’t fit the mood at that time, with enough down-votes, the song will be removed from the queue.  We call this “Crowd Sourced DJing”, which gives your customers some control on what should be the next banger that plays.

Of course, you still maintain complete venue manager control over what plays, so if something isn’t right, you can act on that immediately on your phone in the app.

Manage Your Player Anywhere

Our web-based content management system (CMS) can easily be used on any device with a modern browser, like your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.  Easily control every aspect of your player from music scheduling, simple signage, media assets and creating your own playlists, anywhere you have internet.

Public space

Background Audio

If your needs for music are more traditional, where you want some background music that plays in a public space, we have you covered.

Simple Signage is still included.  Even with our streamlined background audio service, you can optionally connect the player up to 1 or more TVs and use it as a signage platform to inform your guests of food, drinks, events or anything you want to show on the screen.

Our users say their overall experience was enhanced because they were able to request music conveniently on their phone and then watch it on the TVs.

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Our users say they would frequent a bar or pub that had JukeVision, more often than locations that didn’t.

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Unmatched Reliability

Our player hardware was specifically designed for reliability and up-time.  We’ve reduced moving parts to an absolute minimum, depending on the model, which extends the life of the player.  The included spacious storage is put through various burn-in processes to weed out faulty components for maximum reliability.

Our player hardware and software are designed and tested for 24/7 operation and longevity, which ensures your music continues to play.

In the rare event of a player failure, we will send out a replacement to you, free of charge.  Peace of mind knowing that we’re there to help out for any issues that may arise.

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Once people try it, they love it. It definitely keeps them there and glued to the TVs.

JV Customer

It’s really great to allow customers to pick music from their phone. It makes their day to be able to see the music video they picked. It’s awesome!

JV Customer

About JukeVision

JukeVision is dedicated to creating a revolutionary music service for bars, pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, retail and other commercial locations.  Our mission is to provide venues with a reliable and cutting-edge music service to help increase consumer experience and assist a venue’s marketing efforts, while still providing an exciting and fun entertainment experience for everyone.

Have questions? Contact us and we’ll get right back to you.

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