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Our Music Video Playlists

Our team of content programmers is dedicated to constantly refining our playlist offerings. We regularly update existing playlists and rejuvenate playlists from earlier eras to ensure they remain engaging for our listeners. Take a moment to explore a selection of our playlists below. This preview represents just a small fraction of our extensive range, ensuring you’ll find the perfect playlist to meet your needs right from the start. Additionally, we provide all the necessary tools for you to create your own custom playlists from scratch or to customize one of our existing playlists to craft your ideal musical experience.

Our playlists exclusively feature clean versions of songs, ensuring they are suitable for almost any setting. You can enjoy our music with confidence, knowing it’s appropriate for diverse environments.

Most videos from the past decade feature at least 1080p resolution and high-quality bit-rate audio. However, older videos might have lower quality due to the absence of official remastered videos.

Today's Pop

This playlist is an effervescent collection of today’s pop hits, brimming with chart-topping singles that define the contemporary pop music landscape. It features a diverse array of artists and styles, from soaring vocal performances to infectious dance beats. Each track is a polished gem, showcasing catchy hooks, vibrant production, and memorable lyrics that resonate with a wide audience. Whether it’s the smooth grooves of modern disco-funk or the explosive energy of pop anthems, this compilation captures the spirit of the times with its dynamic range and upbeat mood. It’s the perfect playlist for anyone looking to dive into the best that current pop music has to offer, providing a soundtrack that’s sure to uplift, energize, and get you singing along.

Today's Top 40

This playlist is a dynamic and eclectic mix of today’s Top 40 hits, featuring a lineup of songs that have climbed the charts and captured the hearts of listeners worldwide. Each track represents the best of contemporary music, spanning a variety of genres from pop to rock to urban beats. The playlist includes everything from catchy, upbeat dance numbers to emotive ballads, all characterized by memorable melodies, compelling lyrics, and standout performances from some of the biggest names in music. Perfect for those who want to stay current with the latest trends or just enjoy a diverse range of today’s most popular tracks, this compilation is designed to resonate with a broad audience, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Today's Country Hits

This playlist is a vibrant compilation of today’s top country hits, showcasing the best of modern country music with a blend of captivating melodies and storytelling. It features a range of songs from heartfelt ballads to upbeat tracks that are perfect for a night out or a road trip. The selection includes tunes from some of the genre’s biggest stars, each bringing their unique style and lyrical flair to the mix. The playlist captures the contemporary country sound, characterized by its blend of traditional twang and modern influences that keep the genre fresh and exciting. It’s tailored for fans who appreciate the evolution of country music and enjoy staying current with the latest tracks that are defining today’s country charts. Perfect for anyone looking to dive into the heart of current country music trends.

Today's Hip-Hop Hits

This playlist is a vibrant and fresh collection of today’s hip-hop hits, featuring a range of tracks that highlight the current sounds and styles dominating the genre. It’s packed with everything from smooth R&B-infused beats to upbeat, catchy tunes that reflect the diverse influences and innovative approaches of modern hip-hop artists. This compilation includes tracks from both established icons and rising stars, ensuring a dynamic listening experience filled with slick production, memorable hooks, and clever lyrical content. Whether you’re looking to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in music or just need a high-energy playlist for your next party, this selection offers a snapshot of hip-hop’s cutting-edge and is perfect for fans who appreciate the genre’s evolving landscape.

Today's Latin

This playlist is a lively and colorful collection of today’s hottest Latin tracks, showcasing the rich and diverse sounds of the contemporary Latin music scene. It features an exhilarating mix of reggaeton, Latin trap, and other vibrant rhythms that capture the energetic pulse of modern Latin beats. The songs are characterized by infectious hooks, dynamic collaborations, and innovative production techniques that blend traditional elements with modern flair. Whether you’re looking for the rhythm to fuel your next dance party or just want to immerse yourself in the latest musical trends from the Latin world, this playlist offers a perfect snapshot of the genre’s best, crafted by some of the most influential artists in the scene today.

Mom Approved Pop & Adult

This playlist is a delightful mix of mom-approved pop hits that are both catchy and clean, making it a perfect choice for family groups or just a fun, upbeat background mix. The songs are a blend of modern pop tunes and nostalgic hits that span various eras, all characterized by their infectious rhythms and wholesome lyrics. It includes feel-good melodies and sing-along choruses that are sure to lift spirits and bring smiles. Designed with a focus on keeping the content suitable for all ages, this playlist ensures that everyone can enjoy the music without any concerns over explicit content. It’s an ideal compilation for creating a cheerful and inclusive atmosphere, where the tunes are as sunny and spirited as the company.

2010s Ultramix

This playlist is a vibrant celebration of the 2010s, capturing the spirit of the decade with its array of catchy and energetic pop hits. Each track on this list is a gem from the era, characterized by infectious beats, anthemic choruses, and the kind of electrifying energy that makes you want to dance. It’s a mix that reflects the eclectic musical trends of the time, from dance-pop bangers and motivational hip-hop, to heartwarming ballads and club-ready tracks. This collection is not just a set of songs, but a nostalgic journey back to a time when these tunes dominated the airwaves and were the soundtrack to countless memories. Perfect for reliving the vibrant pop culture of the 2010s or introducing the uninitiated to its defining sounds.

2000s Ultramix

This 2000s-era playlist is a nostalgic ride through the golden age of pop, filled with chart-topping hits that defined a generation. The songs are infused with infectious melodies, catchy hooks, and the unmistakable flair of early millennium pop culture. It’s a mix of danceable rhythms and memorable lyrics that capture the vibrant and evolving music scene of the decade. From smooth R&B tunes to powerful pop anthems, this collection is perfect for reliving the days when these tracks dominated radio waves and MTV. Whether you’re looking to revisit your youth or explore the sounds that shaped the turn of the century, this playlist embodies the eclectic and dynamic spirit of 2000s pop music.

1970s & 1980s Classic Rock

This playlist is a powerhouse collection of classic rock anthems from the 1970s and 1980s, featuring some of the most iconic tracks that have become anthems in rock music history. It encapsulates the spirit of an era when rock music was characterized by electrifying guitar solos, compelling lyrics, and unforgettable choruses. Each track in this compilation is a staple of classic rock, offering a blend of Southern rock flavors, hard-hitting rock n’ roll riffs, and melodic power ballads that continue to resonate with audiences around the world. This selection is perfect for those who appreciate the raw energy and timeless appeal of classic rock music, making it ideal for revisiting the days when rock was king or for introducing new listeners to the sounds that shaped musical landscapes for decades.

Country Bar Hits

This playlist is the quintessential collection for any country music fan, perfectly capturing the essence of a lively night out at a local bar. It’s filled with songs that embody the spirit of good times, featuring smooth ballads, upbeat anthems, and sing-along classics that are staples in any country bar setting. Each track tells a story, celebrating themes of love, life, and carefree evenings. With a mix of modern hits and nostalgic tunes, this playlist is designed to get boots tapping on the dance floor and keep spirits high. It’s ideal for those nights when you want to unwind, grab a drink, and lose yourself in the heart and soul of country music. Whether you’re a longtime country fan or just looking for the perfect backdrop to a night with friends, this playlist brings the best of bar hits to life.

Party Classics

This playlist is a vibrant collection of party classics that are guaranteed to energize any gathering and get everyone on the dance floor. It features a dynamic mix of high-energy tracks from different decades, each with infectious beats and anthemic choruses that embody the spirit of celebration. The songs range from pulsating electronic beats to rock-infused dance numbers, all curated to maintain a lively atmosphere throughout the evening. Whether you’re hosting a themed party, a casual get-together, or just reminiscing about the golden days of dance music, this playlist brings together timeless hits that are perfect for creating a fun, upbeat environment where the music compels you to move. It’s the ultimate soundtrack for a night of joyous abandon and nostalgic dance floor memories.