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Elevate your patrons’ musical experience with our cutting-edge app, compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your JukeVision player. Beyond mere browsing, the app provides users with a transparent view of the music coming up and allows them to engage, interact and influence what plays next.

As a business owner, you gain unparalleled control over the musical landscape of your venue. The app’s intuitive interface allows you to curate the available songs, tailoring the playlist to suit the mood and time of day. Whether you’re setting a relaxed daytime vibe or an upbeat evening atmosphere, our comprehensive Content Management System (CMS) makes it simple to adjust your music offerings on the fly.

Transform your venue into a dynamic auditory experience with our user-friendly app – where control meets convenience at the touch of a button.

Unified Experience for Guests and Managers

Discover the convenience of a single app solution for both your guests and venue managers with our JukeVision app. Installed effortlessly on any smartphone, this app blurs the line between patrons enjoying the music and managers orchestrating the perfect ambiance.
Empower your venue managers with exclusive, advanced features within the same app interface. Authorized managers unlock the ability to master the music scene— from skipping and pausing tracks to adjusting the volume to perfection. They can also curate the night’s music by easily removing requests or adding songs to the queue, transforming into the night’s DJ at a moment’s notice.
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Venue Managers

Once a member of your staff is registered on the JukeVision app, transitioning them to a Venue Manager is a breeze through our CMS. This upgrade unlocks a suite of advanced features within the app, including the ability to Skip and Pause tracks, manage the Song and Request Queues, curate Music Playlists, and utilize the Quick Ticker for instant communication.

The true power of the JukeVision app lies in its remote control capabilities. Venue managers can now oversee the musical ambiance of their space from any location. Whether you’re monitoring the current playlist or wanting to refresh the vibe directly from your phone, the freedom is yours. Enjoy the flexibility to fine-tune the music playing in your venue from the comfort of your home or while on the move.

Quick Ticker

Enhance your communication with guests effortlessly through our Quick Ticker feature, a dynamic tool designed to broadcast your personalized messages directly on the JukeVision screens across your venue’s TVs. Whether you’re announcing a special promotion, reminding patrons of upcoming events, or simply welcoming them to your space, the Quick Ticker scrolls your text message at the bottom of the screen, ensuring your message is seen without interrupting the visual entertainment. This innovative feature enables real-time engagement with your audience, making it easier than ever to keep them informed and involved, all while adding a professional touch to your venue’s atmosphere.

JukeVision App Quick Ticker
JukeVision App Song Queue

Song Queue

Elevate your role to DJ effortlessly with our intuitive Song Queue feature, allowing you to add any track to your player’s queue directly from your phone or tablet. With the power to override automatic selections and incoming requests, the Song Queue puts you in full control of the next song to be played. Moreover, this dynamic feature enables you to swiftly add music to the queue and rearrange the playback order in real-time, ensuring the soundtrack of your venue perfectly matches the vibe of the moment with just a few taps.

Search Music

Dive into a seamless music search experience within the curated playlists on your device, and effortlessly add songs to the Request Queue. With this feature, they can discover and play an array of songs, ensuring there’s something for everyone and protection of your brand.

We prioritize your venue’s ambiance and your peace of mind. That’s why we’ve made it simple for you to restrict access to explicit content. With easy-to-apply settings, you can ensure that only appropriate music fills your space, maintaining the perfect atmosphere for your audience.

JukeVision App Search
JukeVision App Playlists

Music Playlists

Effortlessly take control of your venue’s musical journey with the ability to override the programmed schedule at a moment’s notice. Activate one or multiple playlists for a random selection of tracks, allowing you to switch up the vibe to 80s hits or any genre of your choosing with ease. Should your preferences shift, simply add more playlists to diversify the mix or revert to the programmed schedule’s automatic selections by clearing active playlists. Moreover, exploring music is a breeze, whether you’re browsing through your custom playlists or diving into our extensive collection. Adding tracks to the Song Queue or Request Queue is just a tap away, ensuring your venue’s soundtrack is always fresh and perfectly tailored.

Request Queue

Our platform empowers both venue managers and guests with the ability to effortlessly contribute to the musical ambiance by adding their chosen songs to the queue. In an interactive twist, guests can engage further by voting on the queued music; songs accumulating too many down votes are automatically removed, ensuring the queue remains a crowd-pleaser. Venue managers are not left behind—they have the swift capability to remove any song from the queue, maintaining ultimate control over the music that defines their space. This seamless integration of choice and control makes for an unparalleled music experience in any venue.

JukeVision App Request Queue
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Ready to transform your venue’s atmosphere and elevate the guest experience with seamless control over your music and messaging? Join the JukeVision community today and harness the power of our intuitive app, designed to put you in the DJ’s seat. From curating the perfect playlist to communicating directly with your guests via our Quick Ticker, JukeVision offers everything you need to create the ultimate ambiance. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your venue the go-to destination for an unforgettable auditory experience. Sign up now and take the first step towards a more connected and engaging environment for your guests.