It’s really great to allow customers to pick music from their phone.  It makes their day to be able to see the music video they picked.  It’s awesome!  Watch Here

Chris Saufua

GM, Patrick Molloy's

Everyone is digging on JukeVision. It’s <expletive> rad man, everyone is loving the app. Listen Here

Jimmy Young

General Manager, Pitcherhouse

Once people try it, they love it.  It definitely keeps them there and glued to the TVs.

Steven Torres

Owner, 1321 Downtown Taproom

Easy to install, easy to use, and great Point of Sale integration. Every bar should have this app! It raises the bar with not just audio but full on music videos. It is fun with a group of friends and guess what? You stay longer and order more drinks and food! Everyone win. A must have.


JukeVision User

Awesome! Great videos and quality. Mixes well. Fun.


JukeVision User

Awesome Wicked fun!

Cody DeLong

JukeVision User

So cool!


JukeVision User

Pretty cool app. Used it in a local bar to play the music we wanted to hear, not what the jukebox wanted us to hear.

Kelly Sims

JukeVision User

If you’re ever in a restaurant that has the JukeVision system, you will have the greatest experience musically while eating, drinking, and having fun with your family and friends!!! I went to Patrick Molloys in Hermosa Beach, CA and I had the chance to experience this wonder called “JukeVision”!! Simply amazing!! I got the chance to play all my favorite tunes out loud in the restaurant!! Download it now!!

Keith S. Simon

JukeVision User

Simply surprised. This is a great app that works well at venues that have JukeVision integrated

Randall Kinney

JukeVision User

Very clean design! A must have download.

Adrian Terrel

JukeVision User

Our users say their overall experience was enhanced because they were able to request music conveniently on their phone and then watch it on the TVs.

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Our users say they would frequent a bar or pub that had JukeVision available more often than locations that didn’t.

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