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Entertain your guests, enhance their experience and boost your sales.

JukeVision is fun, simple, reliable, and fully licensed for commercial use.

Boost Sales

JukeVision naturally boosts your sales by allowing your guests to engage with our service, which keeps the around longer and increases the likelihood of a return visit.


Our JukeVision box and software was designed for harsh environments and has been proven to keep playing music in the most extreme conditions.

Request App

Your guests download our FREE app to browse the music you choose to be allowed to play during certain times of the day.


JukeVision allows you to upload images and videos of food and drinks to notify your guests of your delicious menu items.

Music for Business

Don’t settle for just background music in your business.  Upgrade to foreground music entertainment and increase guest engagement, enhance their experience while in your venue, and boost sales naturally by keeping your guests entertained and staying longer, or better yet, coming back again!