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One of the most important steps of marketing your venue is acquiring your guests contact information so you can send them information on new menu items or upcoming events and other things going on in your venue to get them to come in.

If your primary source of gathering your audience is Facebook likes on your page.  You may be shooting yourself in the foot.  Let me explain a little.

Studies have shown that Facebook’s algorithm, without surprise, is focused on getting you to pay to promote posts on your page for your fans to see.  If you post a status update, photo or video without paying for promotion, most of your fans may not even see it.  Of course, this depends on interactions (likes and comments) on the post too.

It’s a marketing nightmare to have to craftfully design your updates, post at the right time of day, make it look professional, not be too wordy, and then hope someone sees it.  You’re basically crossing your fingers at this point and praying to the social media gods to bless your post.

Even if you do post updates properly or pay to promote them, you’re still not getting your fans contact information.  They are only a like on your page and Facebook knows their information.  Facebook maintains control over your fans relationship to your venue.

JukeVision naturally acquires your guests contact information when they check into your jukebox.  JukeVision users still have full control at any time to opt-out of this within our app and of course from your email unsubscribe link.

Each week we email an updated CSV list of subscribers and all you have to do is import them into your email marketing program to keep building your list.  Since services like MailChimp easily take care of unsubscribing of your recipients, MailChimp will not allow the same email address to be imported again to your list.  This is good to keep your customers happy and you don’t continue to send them emails.

Another great tool with our marketing package is our push notification service.  Your venue is allowed a limited number of push notifications to be sent out to your guests that have checked into your jukebox and approved push notifications.  This is great for targeting people to do immediate information about your venue like an exclusive happy hour deal.  All they have to do show your servers the push and receive the advertised special.  Think of the possibilities.

Take a moment to get in contact with us and find out how JukeVision has been designed to help venue owners boost sales and increase your guest experience.