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Music Videos

With our vast music video library, updated daily, you’re bound to find that perfect mix to keep your music fresh.

Musical note

Audio Only

If no music video is available our audio only library will fill the gap, ensuring the song plays to keep guests happy.


Crossfade Songs

Our ProBox allows for seamless crossfading of music between songs.  Something that FlexBox does not offer.  Something to consider if that is an important feature for you.



Our ProBox allows for transition animations of music between videos.  Also something that FlexBox does not offer.  Again, something to consider if that is an important feature for you.



Our ProBox with a multiple zone configuration is our top-of-the-line model.  Power 2 or more zones (depending on hardware) throughout your property.

Internet outage

No Internet, No Problem

Our dedicated players download and store the content locally so if your internet slows down or goes out completely, rest assured your music will still continue to play.


Simple Signage

Our simple signage editor is the easiest tool to have your TVs branded with your logo, and promote your events and specials in just a few clicks.


Mobile App

Our mobile app lets guests request music, but also allows your managers to make sure the right music is playing all night long. Skip, pause and change the volume quickly or setup some songs to play in the song queue.

Playlist 1

Curated Playlists

We provide over 100 curated playlists that cover eras, genres and demographics. We update our playlists frequently to keep the music that plays feeling fresh.

Playlist 2

Custom Playlists

Easily create your own unlimited custom playlists from our vast music library. Design a kick-ass playlist that stands out from the rest.


Simple Schedules

With our easy scheduler, add or remove playlists from time blocks quickly to have the player automatically change the music depending on the time of day.


Dedicated Support

With email and phone support, we’re always here to help! Our knowledgeable staff are available to help you get things squared away in a timely fashion.