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High-Definition Music Videos

Our JukeVision jukebox comes with an enormous music video library dating back to the 70’s and new releases of today.  Watch your guests get nostalgic when they haven’t seen that video in years!

We provide programmed playlists that change frequently ranging from Pop to Country to Hip-Hop and even classic and specialty playlists.  Set your jukebox to play these genre specific playlists or head into our powerful management application and start creating your own music video playlists and truly make your JukeVision jukebox shine.

Easily create a great lunch playlist of music videos that are mixed with popular music that is proven everyone will enjoy in your venue.  Later on during the happy hours, have your JukeVision jukebox automatically switch to your evening playlist to liven your guest’s experience and keep them happy and drinking.

Yeah Video
Happy Video